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Like pregnancy and birth, postpartum is a transition that should be full of warmth, love and meaningful support. Although we are experienced and knowledgeable in all things newborn, we focus on holding mother’s through deeply nourishing practices that honor the process of healing and recovery. Our postpartum doula care is rooted in the knowing that postpartum is a physiologic process with a specific design for women’s needs after birth. It is our goal to turn away from societal norms and back to traditions that create sacred postpartum experiences.



postpartum doula care

One meeting during pregnancy to delve deeper into what you dream for postpartum, and creating your unique postpartum plan​

Unlimited phone support

Each visit is 2-hours and will include nourishing support, warming practices, womb massage and postpartum belly binding, newborn care while parents tend to themselves and rest.

Nourishing meal brought to your first visit​

Postpartum tea and herbal sitz bath​

investment $350 deposit
+ $60 per 2hr visit


postpartum doula care

Postpartum belly binding is a practice in many different cultures that is found to be very beneficial for women who have just given birth. Pregnancy and birth make many changes to a mother's body. Binding is comfortable, supportive, and helps everything go back to its pre-pregnancy state as it recovers. Bending Willow Birth offers belly binding to women in Lexington, Kentucky

Helps your uterus and belly shrink back to pre-pregnancy size, supports relaxed stretched out muscles, holds the mother during such a vulnerable transition, promotes proper body alignment, pulls in separated abdominal muscles (helping in the healing of diastasis recti), gives the mother time to focus and reflect on how she is feeling, the long traditional wrap is tailored to your body, supports postpartum organs as they heal, helps relieve pain, and it feels good!


This postpartum belly binding session will include a long organic muslin wrap that will be used for 10-21 days, in home 1-hour wrapping session (including a wrapping lesson), online tutorial video for continued wrapping.​

investment $150 deposit

client love

“I cannot recommend Angelia enough! She is beyond knowledgeable and such a sweet and comforting person. I can’t picture a better doula and I can’t imagine having had anyone else at my birth. She was so supportive throughout the entire process, from prenatal appointments to postpartum and everything in between. She is someone you definitely want on your team. I’m so glad I found her and that she was with me during my birth. Would give even more stars if I could!

- Mandie

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