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online classes to help you prepare for the motherhood you desire


Join us for our 4-week childbirth education series where we will be exploring pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This is a wonderful opportunity for expecting families (8-34 weeks) to gain confidence and knowledge as they prepare for birth.

Classes include…

  1. Supporting a Healthy Pregnancy

  2. Labor and Birth Options

  3. Understanding the Process of Birth

  4. Postpartum and Breastfeeding

Each class is two hours in length and will include water, tea, and light snacks.


investment   $275   $150

Classes will be held in Georgetown Kentucky Saturdays 10a - 12p. When you sign up you will be prompted to choose the month that works best for you. 


Click here to learn more about topics that will be covered in each class! Limited spots, snag your spot today!

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First 10 sign ups receive $125 OFF 

Supporting a Healthy Pregnancy

Our first class we will be discussing how to take prenatal care into your own hands. Whether you’re early in pregnancy or nearing birth, this class will leave you feeling nourished and refreshed with so many good takeaways. The first class will be just for the mother, however one birth support person is encouraged to join the other three classes.

  • What to expect in pregnancy by trimester

  • Real prenatal care

  • Nourishing your body with foods

  • Group prenatal yoga/movement session

Labor and Birth Options

Class two we will be exploring labor and birth options to help you gain knowledge and confidence for informed decision making.

  • Explore over fifty labor and birth options with doula insights to prepare for informed decision making

  • Gain access to resources such as our birth preference checklist, resource library, and birth plan template

  • Learn more about advocacy in the birth space

Understanding the Process of Birth

The third class we will learn about the physiological process of birth and uncover your dream for this experience.

  • Understanding the physiological birth process

  • Rehearsing coping techniques with birth partners

  • Labor preparation activity

  • Delving deeper into the experience you desire

Postpartum and Breastfeeding

Class four we will be discussing all things the fourth trimester.

  • What to expect in the postpartum: mom and baby

  • Healing, recovery, and nourishment for mom

  • Breastfeeding: benefits and basics

  • Group herbal blessing (herbal sitz bath to take home)

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