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honoring and practicing the wise woman tradition.

My mission is to nurture and support women throughout their unique journey of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum in love. Delving deeper into the experience they desire while exploring all options. Honoring each woman through ceremony for a more meaningful journey. Hold space and respect the physiological birth process. Encouraging women to find power and decision making within. Provide information for informed decision-making while supporting women in their autonomy. Drawing on my intuition, knowledge and experience to be a loving-supportive presence during the beautiful transformation that unfolds. My belief in birth is centered in trusting the woman's ability, innate wisdom, and intuition while protecting the sacred. With this I am deeply passionate about honoring and preserving undisturbed instinctual birth.


this is a relationship, not a birth outcome.

I am NOT a midwife or a licensed midwife. This offering is not the same as mainstream midwifery care and I am not recognized as a midwife of any certification or license or accreditation of any kind nor am I a “medical professional”.


home birth attendance 


Nurturing support during pregnancy through in person visits and unlimited phone support that will consist of in-depth education and care through the wise woman tradition. During our time together we will explore real prenatal care focusing on the mother’s wellbeing as a whole. This will look like nutritional guidance, exploring testing options as they come up, honoring the mother through ceremony, birth/postpartum preparations, inner work, and hands on practices such as palpation, listening to baby and other tools as they are desired.


Continuous support and guidance as birth unfolds. This often looks like communication during early labor, physical support when you are ready for my presence, calming reassurance, helping in facilitating a sacred space that honors the physiological process of undisturbed birth, encouraging your ability, witnessing you as you birth both yourself and your baby, immediate love and warmth starting moments after birth until about four hours postpartum when you are ready for rest, and breastfeeding support.

Extended postpartum care for the first six weeks to check in on your needs and your baby’s growth. This support is also centered in the wise woman tradition and includes traditional practices such as postpartum belly binding, baby blessing. and closing of the bones ceremony.

Mamas will also receive herbal pregnancy tea, postpartum tea, and postpartum herbal bath


investment $4,800 this includes monthly visits, birth support, extended postpartum care and herbal love


payment plans available 


answering the call 

Nurturing and supporting women during the transformation into motherhood is my greatest passion. For the past five years I have had the honor of serving my community as a doula, walking with women as a sister through their sacred journey. This past year I have stepped fully into my calling by enrolling in the Indie Birth Midwifery School and beginning a very meaningful apprenticeship. This path has become so much more than gaining skills and knowledge. It has been a deeply transformative experience as I have spent this time holding space, supporting normal birth and physiologic postpartum experiences, exploring cultural traditions around the world, bringing women to the center of their care, and witnessing the beauty of radical birth.

My calling into this work is driven by a knowing that undisturbed birth is the safest way to support the natural process as it unfolds. That walking with women and placing them at the center of their care through Wise Woman Traditions will help change the birth paradigm as women take back birth. That the more babies born this way will help change the earth.

interested in working together?

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