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a workshop to immerse into the world of capturing the raw beauty of birth


Are you passionate about capturing life's most precious moments and the raw beauty of birth?

Join us for an immersive birth photography workshop led by experienced birth attendant and photographer, Angelia. This workshop is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to excel in the art of birth photography.

This workshop will be held April 7th, 2024 10a - 4p in Lexington, Kentucky to journey into the world of birth photography. Invest in your passion for $385 (payment plans available). This fee includes lunch and snacks, time learning basic camera settings, discussing equipment, hands-on practice with models, lessons in editing, and software used for the entire process. his workshop has limited spots and therefore is non-refundable in the event of cancellations by attendees. If you are unable to attend in the event of a birth, you may transfer the fee to a future workshop.


No camera equipment needed, though it is encouraged to bring your own

You will however be required to bring a device for editing, computers or tablets are recommended


Enrich your photography skills and explore the art of offering birth photography in your community!

This workshop will include a beautifully stunning space for photography practice with models 




Explore your passion for birth photography and all this profession entails. Learn more about attending births, being on-call, and attracting your dream clients


Discover the secrets of post-processing, including tips and techniques for editing birth photos to perfection.


Master the fundamental camera and flash settings, techniques, and equipment necessary for capturing stunning birth photos.


Learn how to deliver beautiful galleries effortlessly for a smooth and professional client flow


Put your knowledge into action by practicing birth photography with real-life models for a mock birth & fresh postpartum setting.


When you join us for this workshop you will be spending the day with experienced birth attendant and photographer, Angelia who will be answering questions as they arise



Aspiring birth photographers

Experienced photographers looking to explore birth photography

Anyone interested in offering birth photography services in their community

Birth attendants looking to add birth photography to their offerings

Professional birth photographers looking to refresh their skills and inspiration for this work

New to birth and photography? There is space for you here too!


Develop your skills and confidence in capturing the beauty of birth

Become knowledgeable in basic camera settings

Hands-on experience photographing models in a mock birth setting

Practice editing and processing digital images

Gain insights into the world and business of birth photography

Create community and gain sisterhood

Learn to offer your services in a meaningful way

Opportunity to be in circle with an experienced birth photographer to ask questions

Join us for this transformative workshop and embark on a journey to immerse yourself in the art of birth photography.


Limited spots available, so secure your spot now! Register Today!


“If you know me, you know how much I believe in community over competition. I see a need for more birth photographers in and around central Kentucky, more importantly I see a spark in the beautiful birth workers who are interested in offering this one of a kind service to the women they serve. For my photography friends who dream of delving into the world of capturing birth, I see you too. If you have never attended a birth or have taken photos but feel a calling in your heart to be a part of this work, there is a space for you here.

Let’s come together and explore the world of birth photography and entrepreneurship. We all have something beautifully unique to offer with women who are searching for just that.”



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