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Answering The Call Retreat 2023 Oahu, Hawaii

What a dream it was to travel to the beautiful Oahu, Hawaii for my second Answering The Call Retreat. I remember when I had attended my first midwifery retreat with Indie Birth. At the time it was only a dream to enroll in the program. Here I am, over a year later living in all the goodness of studying midwifery. What a major full circle moment on this journey. I am so thankful for the time spent in reflection on my ever changing purpose in this work.

The first thing we did when arriving to the island was visit the beach. With the sun setting I remember making my way over a hill of sand and falling to my knees in awe of what my eyes were seeing. The sand was so warm and soft just like the salty waters. I remember taking it all in and realizing how healing this place felt to my soul.

It was so special getting to stay with my midwifery student sister Sam, whom I apprenticed with for the past year. She had her whole gang with her (husband and two young boys) so it was a fun week full of adventures and laughter. We got to reunite with Maryn and soak in the beauty of it all before our time during the retreat.

I feel there are many reasons I have been led to this land, retreat, and the calling into midwifery. These two days in circle felt like a time of reflection for me to recenter and ground myself back into my purpose. Rethinking where my journey is leading me and what intentions I want to carry as I begin my second year of school. I am ready to embody the midwife that I am becoming, open up to more creativity, and share what is being called in for me. This retreat has been a very meaningful experience, and without the right words—exactly what my soul needed, and exactly where it was meant to uncover this truth.

Our first day, we opened the circle with a Hawaiian ceremony that brought tears to my eyes. We spent a lot of time in reflection over the course of this gathering from our intentions, to our why, and many other important questions to ask ourselves on this spiritual path of midwfery. The second day we started with a sunrise swim and as throughout the entire retreat, we discussed various topics of midwifery. Towards the end of the retreat we spent time connecting with women and their babies while practicing midwifery skills like listening to fetal heart tones with a fetoscope. With so much to take away, I thought it was so beautiful that space was also held to release.

My heart is overwhelmed by my time here and the beautifully meaningful connections I have made with the people I got to spend it with. So much gratitude and love.

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