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You Can Afford a Doula & She's Definitely Worth It

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Welcome back to Mom Circle where we educate, empower and embrace motherhood! Today I will be letting you in on how a doula can be an affordable blessing for your family and birth experience. First, let's look at the many reasons hiring a doula is definitely worth it.

Doulas provide physical, emotional and informational support that is unavailable in most modern settings. A big misconception is that the care and nurturing a doula gives is a luxury, when in fact; support, knowledge and advocacy are all necessities that laboring women and their families deserve. Their role is to help you have the birth that you desire, whatever that may be. Doulas are with the birthing person 100% of the time opposed to the 6-12% caregivers are able to be. Having a doula as a member of your birth team lowers the risk of cesarean by 50%, reduces epidural requests by 60% and shortens labor by 25%. The doulas presence alone takes pressure off the birthing persons partner allowing them to participate as desired. These trained professionals know comforting positions, coping techniques, soothing touch, suggestions for labor progress and much more!

But how can I afford a doulas support?

Doulas believe that families deserve quality care no matter their financial situation. There are many ways doulas can be affordable for all, listed below are just of few!

One good idea is to ask family members to donate towards your doula fee. Even small donations add up and can make a big difference. Another way would be to add a doula to your registry. Some doulas even offer gift cards family and friends can purchase.

As I stated above, doulas understand no one's financial situation is the same. Many times, doulas will work with families on a reasonable price. Some will even give price ranges and allow you to choose what you pay. Be sure to talk about what is affordable for your family. They understand the importance of support and will recommend you to someone who may be able to help if they cannot.

Sliding scale is an awesome tool used by some doulas. This scale takes your financial information and sets a fee unique to your situation.

You've probably never heard of this next way. Third Party Reimbursement. This is where your insurance company reimburses the fee as the support provided is a medical need. Some insurance companies reimburse the whole fee, just a portion or none. It's definitely worth a try and with enough requests could help change policies!

The last way I will be talking about is volunteer organizations. These organizations provide doula services to those in need at little to no cost. One local volunteer organization is Hopes Embrace, Growing Hope Through God's Embrace making birth support accessible to all.

There is no limit of ways you can afford a doula and endless reasons she's worth it!


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