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There is a lot to consider during pregnancy, from the provider you choose to work with to the tests you may be offered. This section is jammed packed with some amazing information I encourage you to look into during early pregnancy.

  • Here you will find a list of decisions and considerations that may cross your path during pregnancy. This is a great time to research these topics as many of these things will come up for you during this time. Click here!


  • Inner work can be an amazing tool to process your thoughts and feelings surrounding certain topics. Here is a place to journal and delve deep into what making decisions during pregnancy means to you. Click here!


  • When it comes to pregnancy and birth knowledge is key to helping you take charge and own your experience. This is an online course I HIGHLY recommend full of podcasts, videos, and great information. Yes, we will be covering a lot during our meetings, but childbirth education is still extremely beneficial. Click here to view this amazing course! Interested in other options? Check out Online Resources and Local Resources within this client portal!


  • An amazing podcast to kick start your journey into a beautiful autonomous pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Click here to listen!


  • Nutrition is a HUGE aspect of pregnancy and birth that is rarely discussed by providers. If we are working together odds are you are working towards an unmediated experience. To help your body get ready to birth naturally it is so important to nourish your body in many ways - one of which being food. The Brewers Diet is an amazing resource to ensure you are getting the right nutrition for your body during this time. Click here to view the brewers diet! I will also add a podcast about the importance of nutrition here!


  • Many women find meaning in their experience other than just physically. Here is a great podcast to help you explore the spiritual side of early pregnancy. Click here!


  • A few facebook groups I recommend 

- Lexington Home Birth Circle

- Capturing Motherhood


  • Lastly, a FREE workshop! Indie Birth, a radical midwife in Kentucky offers an amazing three-hour workshop on what birth is really like. There will be more so if you can’t make it hang on to this link and check back in for a new date after then. Be sure to register to grab a spot, partners are welcome to join you! Click here!


I hope this information will help you get a beautiful start to pregnancy, I’m here if you need anything anytime!

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