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We believe that the journey into motherhood is a sacred and transformative experience for women. We understand that every mother’s journey is unique, and it is our honor to provide meaningful support to families during this special time. Our approach is centered around the idea that every woman should feel empowered and supported throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

doula support

Women have supported women since the beginning of time. Doulas are knowledgeable in all things childbirth providing emotional, physical, and informational support during the transformation into motherhood. If you’re looking for a sister to walk alongside you on this sacred journey, help you explore your options, take the time to listen, and connect deeply with you—you need a doula!

After being with women in this work for over half a decade I have found that women and families thrive when they are supported through the intimate sisterhood that doulas provide. Not just through preparing for and being present during the birth, but through deeply intentional support in pregnancy and postpartum that honor the mother during such a life-altering transition.

We believe that the way to truly make a difference for mothers is to return to the innate traditional practices around the world that focus on nourishment of the mind-body-soul. That women know how to birth, know what’s best for themselves and their families, and flourish through love and warmth in these moments. With this we feel called to work with families in a unique way that will give them the most meaningful experience when choosing to add the support of a doula to their team.


When you choose to work with us, you will have the opportunity to work closely with one of our doulas while experiencing the support of our entire team. Women who work with us say that our strong and calm presence helped them and their husband relax more, allowing them to have a more enjoyable birth experience. That our belief in their ability made a positive impact on their strength and confidence. And from one mama, “I contacted her immediately when I first felt I was in early labor and she came right away and was so supportive- mentally, emotionally, and physically the whole time! I really didn’t know what to expect during labor and birth but she kept me so grounded, calm, and comfortable and helped to make my birthing experience easier and more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.”

Our doula support includes:


Pregnancy support through prenatal visits

Online Childbirth Education Course

Nourishing Movement & Breath Work
Individualized Yoga Sessi

Continuous Birth Support
Birth Photography

Postpartum support through two-hour daytime visits for the first month after birth (a total of 16-hours)
Nourishing meal brought to your first postpartum visit
Womb Massage + Postpartum Belly Binding
Postpartum care bundle including tea, herbal sitz bath, and postpartum massage voucher


Maternity + Newborn Photography

Studies have shown that having a doula as a member of your birth team…

lowers the risk of cesarean by 50% and shortens labor by an average of 41 minutes. Doula's are with the laboring person 100% of the time compared to the 6-12% caregivers are able to be. There are endless benefits to having a doula, and only positive outcomes!

postpartum doula care

Create a postpartum that allows you to have the best transition into motherhood.

Postpartum is an important time for mom and baby that should be full of rest, nourishment, and warmth. The support of a postpartum doula has many benefits for every family with a new addition.  

Ways a Postpartum Doula can support your family:

Newborn care (diapering, swaddling, soothing)​

Processing your birth story​

Meet you in your home after birth to help your family get settled​

Encourage your ability​

Breastfeeding support​

Light housekeeping (dishes and laundry)​

Emotional support​

Light meal preparation ​

Provide resources you may need for your growing baby

Support mothers in their healing & recovery after birth

Investment $1,250


“I cannot recommend Angelia enough! She is beyond knowledgeable and such a sweet and comforting person. I can’t picture a better doula and I can’t imagine having had anyone else at my birth. She was so supportive throughout the entire process, from prenatal appointments to postpartum and everything in between. She is someone you definitely want on your birth team. I’m so glad I found her and that she was with me during my birth. Would give even more stars if I could!”

Mandie Lake

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