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answering my call into radical midwifery

Nurturing and supporting women during the transformation into motherhood is my greatest passion. For the past five years I have had the honor of serving my community as a doula, walking with women as a sister through their sacred journey. This past year I have stepped into my calling of becoming a home birth midwife enrolling in the Indie Birth Midwifery School and beginning a very meaningful apprenticeship. This path into midwifery has become so much more than gaining the skills and knowledge it will take to become a midwife. It has been a deeply transformative experience as I have spent this time holding space, supporting normal birth and physiologic postpartum experiences, studying the practice of midwifery, exploring cultural traditions around the world, bringing women to the center of their care, and witnessing the beauty of radical birth.

My calling into this work is driven by a knowing that undisturbed birth is the safest way to support the natural process as it unfolds. That walking with women and placing them at the center of their care through Wise Woman Traditions will help change the birth paradigm as women take back birth. That the more babies born this way will help change the earth.

I have created this page to share more as I continue my midwifery studies, gain skills, create new offerings, and build my practice. 

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