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Like the willow strong and unbreaking, women must also transform during childbirth and surrender to each surge as they birth both themselves and their child. 

Birth Doula

We are an experienced team of doulas serving Lexington, Kentucky and surrounding areas. We specialize in capturing pregnancy, birth, and postpartum through documentary photography to preserve the raw beauty the journey of motherhood entails.

Our beliefs are centered in trusting the woman's ability, innate wisdom, and the divinity of birth. With this we are deeply passionate about honoring and preserving undisturbed instinctual birth. That the process of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are sacred times of transformation where women deserve to be held and honored. That the doula’s purpose is to be with women as they embrace such a meaningful transition and have the autonomous birth they desire. That through documentary photography we can preserve these beautiful moments motherhood holds.

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"Angelia was absolutely wonderful to work with! She made the birth experience so much more manageable for me and my husband. I truly do not believe I could have gotten through my home birth without her support. The prenatal visits were extremely informative, and her continuous encouragement was so helpful. She has a gentle, calm, and positive presence.

We also did maternity and newborn shoots with Angelia and were so happy with the photos! Highly recommend Bending Willow for doula and documentation services. :)"


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