birth preferences checklist

Know all of your options for birth with our extensive birth preferences checklist with labor and birth options every expecting mama should explore before giving birth

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Explore All Labor and Birth Options

Our comprehensive checklist allows you to consider over 50 decisions for labor and birth. It even includes links to various unbiased resources.

Supports Natural Birth

This checklist is designed to help women discover all the possibilities of birth. Including natural tools for childbirth, common interventions to be aware of, and routine newborn procedures to learn more about.

Encourages Informed Decision-Making

This checklist ensures you consider all options, helping you make informed decisions for a positive birth experience.

Our society often fails to recognize and celebrate these journeys. Instead of providing necessary support for our innate needs as women, the focus is frequently on the medicalization of pregnancy and birth along with the swift return to pre-pregnancy norms.

By celebrating women throughout their entire journey and helping them grow in their faith, we can foster a culture that truly honors the profound nature of this transformation.

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"Amid the beautiful chaos of motherhood, remember that honoring your own practices is a powerful act of self-love. When you nurture your soul, you become an even stronger source of love and support for your family."

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