Building a community of women and mothers is a sacred endeavor, deeply rooted in the values of support, empathy, and shared wisdom. This community serves as a haven where women can find solace and strength, knowing they are not alone in their journey. The bond formed among mothers transcends mere friendship, becoming a sisterhood of shared experiences and mutual understanding.

welcome to our community, we are glad you’re here!

pregnancy circle

Join us for a nourishing pregnancy circle where we will spend time journaling, sharing, releasing fears, and being in circle with one another.

This will include listening to your baby's heart with a fetoscope and feeling for their position for deeper connection.

Mamas who join will receive a journal and snacks will be provided. Free registration!

July 25th 5p-7p Georgetown

Limited spots | registration ends July 22nd

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birth workshop


Join us for our birth workshop where we will explore natural birth and how to best support this process unfold. 

We will understand how our bodies are designed to work, what supports and disrupts birth, and watch birth videos. Free registration!

Live Q&A with experienced doula and student midwife.

This class is August 17th 12p-1p Georgetown KY

Limited spots | registration ends August 10th

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postpartum circle

A postpartum gathering is a supportive and nurturing event where new mothers come together during the fourth trimester. In a warm, welcoming circle, they can share experiences and offer each other encouragement and understanding. This gathering provides a space for moms to bond, ask questions, and find solace in the company of others navigating the early stages of motherhood. It's a time for connection, healing, and building a strong community of support. Free registration!

This gathering will be is August 29th 5p-7p Georgetown KY

limited spots | registration ends August 23rd

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Within this space, women uplift one another, celebrate victories, and provide comfort during challenges. The collective knowledge and experiences passed down through generations enrich the lives of all members, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose. This sacred community not only nurtures individual growth but also strengthens the fabric of society, as empowered women and mothers cultivate healthier, more resilient families and communities.