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We believe that birth is a sacred and transformative experience. That pregnancy is a time when women deserve to be honored and held through intentional support. Offering home birth attendance, birth doula support, birth photography, and prenatal sessions. All meaningfully created to love and serve the women in our community.



home birth attendance

Nurturing support during pregnancy through monthly in person visits and unlimited phone support including nutritional guidance, exploring testing options, honoring the mother through ceremony, birth/postpartum preparations, inner work, and hands on practices such as palpation, listening to baby and other tools as they are desired.​

Continuous support and guidance as birth unfolds. This often looks like communication during early labor, physical support when you are ready for my presence, encouraging your ability, witnessing you as you birth both yourself and your baby, and immediate love and warmth starting moments after birth until you are ready for rest.

Extended postpartum care for the first six weeks to check in on your needs and your baby’s growth. This support is also centered in the wise woman tradition and includes traditional practices such as postpartum belly binding, baby blessing. and closing of the bones ceremony.

Mamas will also receive herbal pregnancy tea, postpartum tea, and postpartum herbal bath

investment $4,800


documentary birth photography

One meeting during pregnancy

On-call for your birth starting at 37 weeks

Documentary photography beginning in active labor
and up to one hour of early postpartum

75 hand edited images

Private digital gallery 

High resolution images for prints

48-hour sneak peeks

investment $1,700 film add-on $500


birth doula support

Doulas are knowledgeable in all things childbirth providing emotional, physical, and informational support during the transformation into motherhood. If you’re looking for a sister to walk alongside you on this sacred journey, help you explore your options, take the time to listen, and connect deeply with you—you need a doula!
Pregnancy support and birth preparation through four prenatal visits with your doula. These visits include discussions around; nourishment of the mother as the whole, exploring birthing options while uncovering common interventions, delving deeper into the experience you desire, discussing the physiological process of birth, processing any past experiences, and postpartum preparation.

Continuous birth support (home, hospital, & birth center) for the hours leading up to the birth of your baby. This includes physical, emotional, and informational support throughout your birth experience, documentary photography of birth and support in the early hours of postpartum.

Postpartum support through a nourishing postpartum visit including a meal, belly binding, tea and herbal sitz bath for healing after birth.

investment $2,000


prenatal session

We care deeply about supporting women during pregnancy as they prepare for their birth journey. Prenatal sessions are designed to provide you with the guidance, connection and support you need during this transformative time. Providing tools and resources to help you explore your options, make informed decisions and stay connected to your personal values. Our doulas are here to listen and discuss any topic that you feel is important to you and your journey.

These sessions can be done virtually or in person. During our time together we can discuss the topic of your choice as you prepare for birth. This support includes pregnancy support, prenatal education, emotional support, birth preparation and planning, advocacy, and postpartum planning. These are 50 minute individual sessions that can be booked one at a time or bundled together. 

investment $125

client love

“I cannot recommend Angelia enough! She is beyond knowledgeable and such a sweet and comforting person. I can’t picture a better doula and I can’t imagine having had anyone else at my birth. She was so supportive throughout the entire process, from prenatal appointments to postpartum and everything in between. She is someone you definitely want on your team. I’m so glad I found her and that she was with me during my birth. Would give even more stars if I could!”

- Mandie

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