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Postpartum is a sacred time that deserves to be honored much like pregnancy and birth. It is my goal to help families have a smooth transition into the fourth trimester, while sharing ways the mother can honor her body as it recovers from birth. 

Much like birth, it is important to plan for this new phase of life and delve deeper into what you desire for your postpartum. Postpartum care helps families create this plan and offers in home support during the first thirty days of after birth!
Lexington KY Belling Binding
Postpartum Belly Binding is a cultural practice that provides wonderful physical benefits for those who have just given birth. 
The benefits of herbal sitz bath during postpartum are endless. These healing herbs help sooth your perineum after birth and make for the perfect time to tend to selfcare.
Best Newborn Photographer Georgetown KY

"When I hired Angelia as my Doula I was already half way through my pregnancy. At that time I was very nervous about the thought of giving birth and not being prepared for when the big day came. Having Angelia there throughout my pregnancy and labor gave me such a relief. She was very supportive throughout the process and provided me with much advice. She also was a great wealth of knowledge and provided me with many resources anytime I had questions. When i went into labor early Angelia was ready and prepared to do whatever she needed to make sure that me and my mom were comfortable. She advocated for me and was just all around a great support in the delivery room." 

- Mia Green

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